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Moving on its own is a stressful experience, moving to another country can increase that stress substantially.  Our sales representatives are skilled at making the border crossing an easy experience, we walk you through the process from start to finish.  We ensure the forms are provided and the inputted information is correct to avoid any potential delays at the border. When you choose an experienced carrier such as Canada’s Leading Van Lines, you can be assured a stress-free experience.

Customs Clearance – Familiarizing yourself with customs

Although customs clearance may be a stressful matter for many, we at Canada’s Leading Van Lines strive to make this process as smooth and effortless as possible with our knowledgeable and helpful staff.

As a trusted carrier, we ensure you are educated on Customs policies and procedures and what documents need to be prepared prior to your items crossing the border. Our staff will explain procedures and provide you with clear instructions, as well as look through your documentation in order to ensure that any potential delays or even seizure of contents are avoided, simply by preventing common mistakes in paperwork.

Cross-Border MovingItems

Preparation of your itemized moving list

By following a few simple steps in the preparation stage you can avoid any problems or issues at the time of the clearance.

You are not able to ship the following items:

Firearms or ammunition

Alcohol or narcotics

Meats or produce

Plants, seeds or houseplants


Clear, coloured copy of valid passport for the importer

Completed declaration for free entry form (3299)

Clear copy of work or student Visa

Clear copy of green card (if applicable)

Proof of residence (if applicable)

In most cases and in most countries, your used house goods and effects can enter the United States duty-free (Note: there are items that may be subject to certain provisions). Canada’s Leading Van Lines has no control or say in any duties or taxes levied against your shipment at additional fees, this is at the discretion of the Customs Officer. Some duties may be refundable, please ensure you keep your original receipt for reimbursement when you depart from the country.

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