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Helpful Tips for Packing and Preparation:

The packing of your items is an important step in ensuring an effortless and efficient move. It is important to ensure the safety of your personal belongings that we know are dear, therefore they require the best care and protection possible.

Make sure the right materials are used when packing your belongings

  • Make sure the size of the box corresponds to the items being packed
  • Heavier items should be packed in smaller boxes (i.e. books, china, etc.) and lighter items are packed in larger boxes (i.e. clothing, bedding, pillows, etc.)
  • All breakable items should be packed in smaller boxes or china cartons to avoid any breaks
  • Heavier items should always be packed first, followed by the lighter items on the top

Avoid empty space in your boxes

  • Any gaps or spaces in your boxes may lead to shifts and consequent breakages while your items are in transit
  • We suggest using packing paper or linens to fill any empty spaces inside your boxes

Pack your items in one room before moving on to the next

  • This will allow you to better track your packed items and will allow for easier labelling of your items by our crew at time of pick-up
  • This will also save you time on the delivery end when unpacking your items

Clearly label boxes

  • Label boxes with the desired room placement and a description of its contents will allow our crew to easily load and offload your items in the desired locations in your new home
  • Labelled boxes will assist in the organization of your unpacking plan

Ensure your boxes are taped well

  • We recommend using a high quality packing tape for the taping of your boxes, you may purchase this from us or most public storage facilities
  • We recommend 3-4 rows of tape are used to seal the bottom of your boxes
  • We recommend 2-3 rows of tape are used to seal the top of your boxes
  • Heavier boxes should have the bottom seals closed as well

Packing your paintings

  • We highly recommend that any paintings or artworks are packed into boxes for transportation and ready to go prior to the movers arrival
  • We recommend taping a large “X” across the glass panel of any paintings to strengthen the panel for transportation (masking tape is preferred as it is stronger)
  • We offer professional packing services and crating options for any fragile or costly pieces that you feel requires additional protection. Feel free to discuss this service with your relocation specialist to see which option is best for you!

Packing your dishes and breakables

  • Packing paper is highly recommended for the packing of your breakables, newspaper can be used, however, the ink may damage the items or leave them with permanent ink spots
  • One sheet of paper per piece is recommended for your dishes and breakables
  • Ensure all pieces are fully covered for that extra padding
  • Dishes are not recommended to be packed flat, instead we suggest they be stacked on their sides inside the box
  • All other pieces such as cups, bowls, figurines, china or other breakables should be wrapped and stacked and always wrapped separately
  • Ensure no extra space is left inside the boxes, this should be filled with crumpled wrapping paper to avoid shifting of any pieces during transportation

Packing your television

  • Your television will be professionally padded at time of pick-up by our movers with one of our ultra-thick moving blankets
  • We highly recommend that your television be packed inside a box and bubble wrapped for moves exceeding a distance of 100 km
  • Our movers can offer you professional packing of your television at a reduced cost, speak to your relocation specialist to learn more about this service

Misshaped and oversized items

  • If you have any items that are oddly shaped and cannot be boxed, such as rakes, gardening equipment, mops & brooms, etc., we suggest bundling these items together and taped
  • We recommend using packing paper under the tape to avoid any stickiness when unwrapping the items at time of delivery
  • Bicycles can typically be taken as is, or a bicycle box may be purchased at a local sporting goods store near you
  • Odd items such as vacuums or statues should be boxed when possible, wardrobe boxes can typically be used in these cases and our movers can offer these at a nominal cost
  • Feel free to speak to your relocation specialist to learn more about packing materials and services offered

Canada’s Leading Van Lines has committed to becoming a green company and lowering our carbon footprint.  We have incorporated many new practices of Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle into our daily operations. Canada’s Leading Van Lines is looking out for your move and our planet.

  • We are a paperless environment, using electronic mail and other electronic options for all correspondence
  • Recycling packing paper and boxes
  • Recycling all papers, bottles and toners within our offices across Canada
  • Padding of furniture items with our re-usable ultra-thick moving blankets
  • Frequent truck and trailer maintenance reduces harmful emissions

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