Moving Coverage

With CLVL You Can FeelSafe.

Canada’s Leading Van Lines ensures all staff participates in thorough and practical training programs to ensure the safe handling of all your belongings. The safety of your items is our top priority to ensure your move is a worry free and positive experience. Unfortunately, there are cases where damages/losses can occur. We recommend reviewing your coverage options prior to the move taking place.

What happens if I have damages or losses with my shipment?

Canada’s Leading Van Lines ensures the highest quality of care, and will take the steps needed to ensure the safest transportation possible. However, with any move there is always a risk of damage or loss occurring.  If you are faced with this situation, it is best to let your sales representative know right away, and to take pictures of any damages to your shipment. Our claims process requires a completed submission of our claims documents to be submitted within 10 days of the delivery date

What can I do to reduce the risks of losses and damages?

Canada’s Leading Van Lines sales representatives are trained in all aspects of the move, including assisting our clients with information and advice about the client’s responsibilities.  It is recommended that boxes are packed full, and not left half empty as this will increase the risk of damages to the contents. It is also important that awkward and loose items are prepared properly.  If you have any items that you have questions about packing please let us know as we are happy to offer our advice!

How does the coverage work?

Canada’s Leading Van Lines includes basic liability as required by the all carriers.  All registered Canadian transportation companies will ALWAYS include this coverage:

The coverage is $0.60 per pound, per article for any lost and/or damaged items

A deductible is applied once per claim

As an example of how this coverage is applied: You ship a sofa weighing 200lbs and that sofa has been damaged, the coverage would be 200lbs x $0.60/lb = $120.00 coverage on that item. The same calculation applies for loss.


Is it possible to get more coverage?


Canada’s Leading Van Lines does offer additional protection that you are able to purchase for an additional fee.  You will need to speak to your sales representative for further details and clarification on this coverage, as there are limitations that may apply in some cases.  Should you opt to purchase this additional protection you are required to request this coverage, in writing, at least 1 business day prior to your scheduled pick up date. Request for coverage must always be in a written formant.

Although as a carrier we can offer additional coverage, this is still not replacement coverage.  If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance already in place you may contact your insurance provider to see if your move will be covered, as a lot of the times you may already be covered and don’t need to pay extra premiums.

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