The Moving Process

Moving Is Not Hard, yet There is aProcess you should follow:

Getting Ready

Our relocation associates prioritize your needs in the planning of your upcoming move. They ensure that you are well aware of the process and ensure that you are prepared for the big day. Our sales staff ensure the right questions are asked and all information regarding your relocation is made readily available at all times. We are here to make your moving experience as stress free and smooth as possible, by meeting all your packing, storage and moving needs!

Preparing for your Move

All items that can be boxed and should be boxed prior to our movers arriving as this service is not included in your original quote. However, we do offer professional packing services if required and we are happy to tailor a plan to meet your individual needs.

The Pickup & Process

Prior to the pick up, our local dispatch team will reach out to you or your dedicated rep to confirm details  in advance of your upcoming pick up and confirm any last minute requests. Our extensive training program ensures only the most professional of movers assist you with your packing and moving needs. Our staff is ready to answer any questions and assist with the handling of all items.


  • Written Quote
  • Collection of your inventory list and moving requirements to gather more information about your relocation with a more accurate quote to meet your budget
  • A written agreement sent to you in advance of moving day to ensure you are comfortable and prepare for every step of the way
  • Sales Agent that will assist with your move from start to finish
  • Confirmation from dispatch of times in advance of moving day.
  • Protective padding for your floors, walls and railings to ensure the safety of your home
  • Mover-quality protective moving pads used to wrap all large furniture items
  • Color-coded tagging of all items included in your shipment to ensure all furnishings are inventoried throughout your move
  • All items inventoried and listed at time of pick-up to correspond with the color-coded tags
  • A copy of your Bill of Lading and completed inventory list will be provided to you at time of pick-up for your records.
  • Safe loading at origin location
  • Offloading services at destination location
  • Movers Basic Liability Coverage
  • Short Term or Long Term Storage options
  • Re-delivery services from our storage facilities (where available)


Although it is recommended that you be present for the loading (pick-up) and offloading (delivery) of your items, if this is not an option, you must ensure that a responsible party is present on your behalf for the supervision and signing of the Bill of Lading and inventory sheet.


Canada’s Leading MovingCompany is here for you.

Preparation of your itemized moving list

At time of pickup, the crew director will prepare your itemized inventory list, with a description of each item and its condition, detailing any damages or noteworthy circumstances. At this time, you must be present to request special handling of any items if applicable. Once this form has been completed, you will be required to sign the sheet along with the crew director, acknowledging that all information is accurate as recorded. You will receive a copy of this document to keep for use at time of offloading (delivery).

You will also be provided with your moving agreement at time of pick-up, this is a legal document (Bill of Lading or Moving Contract) between Canada’s Leading Van Lines and the shipper or a dedicated representative who is authorizing the transportation of your items and confirming the rates and applicable charges.

Delivery Planning

Once you arrive at your destination location you should contact your relocation associate. This will allow your representative to make the necessary arrangements for delivery or storage of your items if needed. It is the client’s responsibility to inform the sales representative of any changes in contact information.  Always inform your sales agent if you require for your items to be stored or delivered as soon as they arrive to destination province to ensure that proper arrangements are made in advance.

At time of delivery, you can ensure speedy offloading by ensuring that all driveways, walkways and hallways are clear for trouble free accessibility. This is recommended to avoid any confusion of placement or delay in the delivery due to access being obstructed.

It is important that you have your itemized moving list with you at the time of the delivery, this way you can establish that all items are completed and everything is accounted for.


There are many forms and methods of payment that are accepted.  We will ensure the weight and charges for the move are provided in advance of the delivery, allowing you time to prepare an accepted method prior to the movers’ arrival.  Our staff is required to collect full payment prior to the shipment being offloaded into your new home.

Unpacking of boxes

Including in your service is the delivery of all items into the destination location, however our staff does not unpack the contents of the boxes.  If this is a service that you require, it is offered only for boxes that Canada’s Leading Van Lines has packed for you. Our unpacking service must be arranged in advance with your sales representative in order to ensure your delivery plan is organized with the appropriate staff and time required.  Whether you choose to unpack your boxes yourself or have our staff assist with the unpacking, it is your responsibility to dispose of or recycle any packing materials.

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