Getting Ready for a Move

Helpful Tips for Packing and Preparation:

It’s amazing how far a little bit of advance planning can take you towards a successful move.  A little ground work can save hours of stress and headaches in the days leading up to your move. We have prepared a checklist, which we encourage our clients to follow when possible

6-8 Weeks Prior to the move

  • Purging :: Start your moving plan by going room to room, checking drawers, shelves, etc. Make 3 piles: keep, donate, toss.  This way you can toss and donate as you go, leaving only the items you want to keep for when you begin packing.Quote Request :: Start requesting quotes, online or by phone.  Most clients prefer online quotes to ensure everything is clearly laid out in writing. You will most likely receive many quotes from various companies, we recommend researching the companies from which you receive these quotes.  Look for good reputations and which company is best suited to fulfill your moving needs.Make a moving file::  Create your own spreadsheet or binder, containing your quote comparisons, receipts, inventory and items that you may have follow up questions for or advice you may need.  This way everything is kept together and you won’t be searching email after email looking for a single question or piece of information.Organize your documents ::  Create an envelope or file containing passports, medical records and other important documents.  We highly recommend this is done in advance as these items should not be packed into your shipment, it is important to keep these important papers on your person.Food and Drink ::  Try to avoid too much shopping prior to the move, try to use existing food and drinks in your freezer/fridge/cupboards to avoid having to throw anything out on moving day.

    Cleaning supplies :: As with the food and drink, we recommend using any remaining cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, etc prior to the move, we do not recommend shipping liquids as this increases the risk of damage.

4-6 Weeks Prior to the Move

  • Confirm your arrangements :: It is recommended to have your moving arrangements confirmed at this point, to ensure availability on your preferred pick-up date.Start Packing :: If you begin packing in advance you won’t find yourself scrambling at the last minute to finish in time. Start with items that do not have a daily use, such as off season clothing, books, photo albums, etc.Separate Valuables ::  Items such as jewelry, passports, banking files, collectibles, etc., should be separated and kept on your person, avoid including these items in your shipment.Change of Address :: It’s very easy, just go online or visit your local post office to arrange your change of address and mail forwarding.

2-4 Weeks Prior to the Move

  • Notifying the right people :: Let your employer, your children’s’ school or caregivers know the date of the move so that you can make the necessary arrangements for the time off required to prepare and be present at time of loading.Contact your moving company ::  Go over the details again, make sure that any changes to your moving plan have been noted.Cancelling Services ::  Don’t forget to move or cancel your internet, cable, hydro, etc., and cancel any memberships that you may not have use for at your new location.

1 Week-1 Day Prior to the Move

  • Prepare yourself :: Now is the time to pack your suitcases and any other items you need while travelling, and to confirm or arrange your travel arrangements.Clean Up :: Defrost and clean your freezers, fridges and stove.  This is a time consuming task that you will not want to deal with on your moving day.Double Check ::  Give your home and property a final once over, check the garage, shed and out buildings.  Check your drawers, cupboards and crawl spaces to ensure nothing was overlooked during packing.

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