Storage Solutions

In-transit HouseholdMoving storage.

Here at Canada’s Leading Van Lines, we have plenty of convenient and affordable storage options to fit your needs. No matter the length of time you require our facilities, we are happy to accommodate with prior notice to your sales agent.

We offer competitive storage rates at any one of our clean and climate controlled facilities, and there is no limit on the length of time your items can remain in storage. Once you are ready to accept your shipment, we also INCLUDE the redelivery from our warehouse to your new home!

Each and every shipment is stored in a specialized crated in a climate controlled warehouse.  The crates are packed, locked and sealed for storage. Once you request delivery of the items to your home, the crate is offloaded and the goods are scheduled for offloading.

All of our storage facilities are dedicated only to our moving clients who are in the midst of relocation.  Our warehouse facilities are not accessible by the public which offers more security then a public storage facility.

What Canada’s Leading Van Lines Offers:

  • Individual crating options for all shipments
  • Climate controlled facilities to ensure the well-being of your goods
  • *Warehouse facilities only accessible to authorized employees as an additional security precaution
  • *On-site facility administrator
  • *State of the art security measures with 24/7 monitoring
  • *Re-delivery service from our facilities to your new location
  • Shipment professionally wrapped and packed within our facilities
  • Individual crating service for all shipments, all crates are packed and sealed until delivery
  • *Affordable rates and occasional promotions

Canada’s Leading Van Lines is happy to offer storage of your items for any length of time needed. Rest-assured the safety of your items is our top priority at every one of our secure facilities, making the decision of where to store your items that much easier.

Self Storage options.

Canada’s Leading Van Lines has multiple locations to choose from across Canada to assist you with your storage needs.  Whether you need all your belongings stored, or just enough to stage your home (or make some room for packing) we are happy to assist!

Contact one of our many sales associates to assist you in placing your items at our closest locations. With our many secure self-storage locations, we can always find a solution for your needs.

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