Moving FAQ’s:

How do I choose a mover?

  • Canada’s Leading Van Lines encourages you to do your due diligence, take the time to research the company you are interested in prior to contacting them.  Ensure that you are choosing a registered, reputable company with highly trained sales associates and regular business hours. Not only will you be speaking with your sales representative during the planning stages, but throughout the moving process. You want someone who is accessible, quick to respond and knowledgeable in the industry and with the moving process. Your moving company should ensure that all details are provided in writing, beginning with your quote, your inventory form (to ensure accurate quoting), a confirmation of the rates, charges and the dates that you have chosen.

How do I choose my moving date?

  • The majority of clients have a specific date on which they want the move to take place so they can make the appropriate travel and housing arrangements.  Canada’s Leading Van Lines operates during the weekdays and weekends, however if possible we recommend moving on a weekday, as weekends can get quite busy.

Who packs the boxes?

  • The basic service that is included in your moving arrangements does NOT include the packing of boxes or materials, it only includes the wrapping of furniture items in padded moving blankets.  Should you need assistance with the packing of your boxes, please notify us in advance and we are happy to quote our packing prices based on your needs.

When should I book my confirmed date?

  • We recommend 3-6 weeks notice, the more notice the better in order ensure the appropriate plans are made accordingly. If you are not able to give a lot of notice, it’s not a problem, we just may require some flexibility to accommodate your requirements.  

How long does it take to get from start to finish?

  • Many different factors may affect the time needed between pickup to delivery.  This depends on the origin and delivery locations, ferry needs or remote locations. Weather and road conditions may affect transit times as well, especially during the winter months.  Although we consistently meet our estimated transit times, it’s best to allow a little extra time just in case!

Do you offer storage?

  • Canada’s Leading Van Lines does offer storage in many locations across Canada, whether you have short or long term needs.  Contact your sales representative to make a plan for your storage needs. When possible it’s best to make the arrangements in advance, but in most cases and locations we are able to accommodate last minute arrangements.

Are you able to move my vehicle?

  • Canada’s Leading Van Lines prefers to focus our energy on providing the highest quality of care for your personal belongings, so we leave the vehicle shipping out of our operations.  However we work in cooperation with third party carriers, and are able to make the arrangements on your behalf and most of the times at a discounted rate that we pass on to you. Vehicle arrangements MUST be made at least a week in advance for most areas (remote locations typically require more notice).

Preparing and budgeting for your move.

How do I budget for my move?

  • Canada’s Leading Van Lines encourages you to do your due diligence, take the time to research the company you are interested in prior to contacting them.  Ensure that you are choosing a registered, reputable company with highly trained sales associates and regular business hours. Planning ahead by providing your sales representative with the proper inventory for your upcoming move will assist greatly in being able to obtain an accurate estimation to prepare for your moving expenses.  We ask that you keep in mind that we are only able to provide quotes based on the information that is provided by our clients, so we do ask that you are as thorough as possible when providing this information.  Aside from the ability to budget properly, this information allows us to reserve the appropriate amount of space needed, the proper crew and the correct equipment for your moving needs.

When and how do I pay for the move?

  • Payment for the move is due in full at the time of the delivery, prior to the offloading of your items.  Certain locations and circumstances will require a non refundable deposit to hold your space. Should you require storage beyond the free period offered, we can set up a payment plan for the storage costs to ensure they do not impact the budget you have set aside for the moving expenses themselves.Canada’s Leading Van Lines offers a wide range of convenient payment methods such as e-transfers, Visa and MasterCard, Cash, Certified cheques/Bank drafts and wire transfers. (some conditions apply)

Are there additional or undisclosed fees I should be aware of?

  • Canada’s Leading Van Lines doesn’t believe in hiding information or surprising our clients with undisclosed fees.  Once we have had the chance to learn your moving needs, collect your inventory and location information, we are able to inform you of any additional charges that may be applied to your billing.  It is the clients’ responsibility to inform us of the details that may affect the move such as packing requirements, space limitations or entry/exit concerns at pickup/delivery locations, etc.Should you request an additional service, or have speciality needs at the time of pickup or delivery, the charges will be explained by the crew and/or the sales representatives to ensure a clear understanding. You will be required to initial/sign to approve the additional charges prior to the services taking place.  This avoids any confusion or misunderstandings throughout the moving process.Once the arrangements are confirmed with Canada’s leading Van Lines we will send you a confirmation of your booking, applicable charges and rates in advance. This will allow you the opportunity to review the information prior to the move taking place and ask for further details or clarification if needed.

The relocation of your belongings:

How will you ensure my furniture arrives intact and clean?

  • Canada’s Leading Van Lines ensures that our crews are sent with the appropriate materials to keep your furniture items safe and clean.  Items such as dressers, tables, etc are wrapped in high quality, clean moving blankets. Upholstered items such as sofas, mattresses, padded chairs would require plastic covers to ensure their safe arrival, you can have these items plastic wrapped prior to the movers’ arrival or you can purchase the plastic covers from Canada’s Leading Van Lines for a nominal fee.

Can I pack my own items?

  • The basic service that is included in the estimation does NOT include the packing of contents into boxes.  We are unable to ship items packed into plastic/garbage bags, or open containers. We recommend using recycled or new boxes and materials to reduce the risk of damages or loss.  Mover’s liability is limited on self-packed (owner packed) boxes, please contact your sales representative for clarification and further details. We will happily assist you with any packing services needed upon request, for an additional fee.

Can I leave the drawers and cabinets full?

  • It is highly recommend to empty the contents of drawers and shelves to ensure the safety of your items during transportation, not only for the contents but for the furniture item itself.

Will the movers remove my televisions, art and curtains at the time of the move?

  • Although we aim to make your experience as easy as possible, we are unable to remove items that are mounted on walls or fastened to brackets on the walls.  These items need to be removed prior to the crews’ arrival and prepared for shipping. If you need help with the packing of those items, just let us know and we can provide a quote for those services as well.

Will the furniture be disassembled and reassembled?

  • We are happy to disassemble basic furniture items to ensure they are safe for shipping and to ensure they do not damage doorways or walls when moving in and out of your home.  Some items may require speciality equipment, so when possible we recommend speaking to your sales representative to make the required arrangements in advance.

What is the weight limit for my shipment?

  • Canada’s Leading Van Lines does not have limitations for the weight, we can assist you with your move no matter how big or small, there is no such thing as a maximum with Canada’s Leading Van Lines.

Can I move my plants and pets with my household belongings?

  • We highly recommend avoiding the shipping of any live plants within Canada, however you are able to do so providing they are prepared properly and secured in plastic or boxes to avoid any damage to the other items in your shipment.  Unfortunately, moving across the border forbids live plants, seeds, soil and fertilizers to be shipped.The staff at Canada’s Leading Van Lines loves animals, and we know that your pets are members of your families.  We are not equipped to safely move your furry family, and you should make separate arrangements for their travel.  We encourage you to speak with your sales representatives for suggestions on the safest ways to bring your smallest family member to your new location.

Are there any items that I cannot ship?

  • There are certain restrictions that are placed by the government as a matter of public safety:The following items CANNOT be shipped:
    • Jewelry
    • Anything combustible (i.e. gasoline, propane, propane tanks or fire extinguishers)
    • Ammunition
    • Food with the exception of non-perishable items
    • Animals
    • Plants
    • Liquids (i.e. cleaning supplies, alcohol, oils, etc.)

    Some dangerous goods may be shipped under controlled conditions, however other items are prohibited by law. Any dangerous goods that are being transported must be disclosed to the crew at time of pickup due to the potential hazard they may pose. Canada’s Leading Van Lines will not take responsibility for any issues if this information is not disclosed to the crew.

Can I change my moving date after the move is confirmed?

  • We absolutely understand that circumstances beyond anyone’s control can come up, and last minute changes may be needed.  Canada’s Leading Van Lines is happy to assist with no penalty to any changes, we simply ask that you provide as much notice as possible so we are able to accommodate your changes with as much flexibility as possible.

What time will the crew arrive on moving day?

  • The time windows for the move are provided the business day beforehand. The local dispatch will call to reconfirm all the details of the move, and go through the final detail updates to ensure nothing is overlooked.  We do not recommend making plans of any kind on your moving day, especially your travel plans.

Do I have to be present on moving day?

  • We do not recommend making plans of any kind on your moving day, especially not your travel plans.  It is important to be present at the time of the move, as no one knows your needs as well as you do.  We do understand that in some cases it may be impossible or difficult for you to be present and we can work with that, but you need to inform us of contact information of the person whom you are leaving in charge while you are absent.

How do I find out where my shipment is in transit?

  • Canada’s Leading Van Lines is happy to assist in the tracking of your shipment using our tracking service through our website. You are also able to contact your sales representative for additional updates and current ETAs while your items are in transit.

Will the movers deliver right into my new location?

  • Once your shipment arrives to destination, you will be contacted to confirm and schedule a delivery date and time.  Canada’s Leading Van Lines will place your furniture items as requested, and the boxes will be placed in a convenient pre discussed location so you are able to unpack at your own pace.

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